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Lane system

VIA Wilsonart Bowling Overlay

Wilsonart  is one of World Fortune 500 companies and is world-leading producer of decorative surfacing .


 USBC Approved
 Full glow in dark light 
 fine abrasion resistance , more durable



We invited the third-party to test VIA wilsonart overlay
Comparison between VIA Wilsonart Lane and Company X
No. Property


Directions Judgement VIA Wilsonart
Company X
1  Taber wear resistance revolutions    the better the higher value 14500 6500
2 Tensile strength  Mpa  lengthwise  the better the higher value 93.6 70
      widthwise   the better the higher value 117 100
3  Flexural strength(MPa) Mpa widthwise  the better the higher value 117 90
      lengthwise   the better the higher value 161 100
4  Flexural modulus(GPa) Gpa widthwise  the better the higher value 9.68 9
       lengthwise the better the higher value  14.8 10
5      widthwise  the better the lower value
      lengthwise   the better the lower value
6  Flame retardant grade      the better the lower suffix value B2 B2
Remarks: Above data is abstracted from the third-party testing organization’s report