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VIA LCD Monitors

VIA Offer You 32’’ LCD Upper Monitor, Which Uses The Latest Digital Display Technology
VIA 15’’ LCD Bowler Console Functions Could Be Enabled/Disabled From The Front Desk. Each Lane Could Be Set Separately Or Using Multiple Command. It’s Possible To Set All Lanes Or A Group Of Lanes In Same Way.


Why VIA choose more costly LCD monitors ?

1. Uses less power: LCDs also produce less heat , which means less load on air conditioning.
2. Take up less space: LCD monitors are small, thin, and weigh less
3. No flickers: LCDs don’t have lines that need to be scanned like CRTs. No flickers= a lot less eye strain.
4. Less glare: Due to the material of the LCD screen less light is reflected at the user. This results in less eye strain
5. Less distortion: using a direct digital input from the graphics card produces cleaner “output”. The monitor’s perfect geometry means images aren’t distorted, which is a boon for graphic designers and the like







Which is the Unique and the best bowling scoring system in the world?

VIA Steltronic Focus Vision System !

Focus Vision can help you:
Manage all bowling functionalities with ease
Make reservations
Write your own customized reports
Create email marketing campaigns
Select real 3D animated themes (unique in the world)



What is real 3D graphic?

Let ‘s experience together!